Special rules for this years World Cup

IOF has published the special rules for this years World Cup in orienteering: For event 4 it states: Middle distance, individual interval start with Micr-O. There is no prior qualification. The start order is reverse World Cup current standings. Runners without World Cup points start first and their order is determined by a draw. The start interval is 1 minute.

Although an enquiry Skogssport made shows that the runners are generally favourable to this form of orienteering there are not many opportunities to train for the World Cup Event. Norwegian Spring is one of them. A new map made by Morten Dalby covering a detailed Norwegian coastal terrain will be offered for the Micr-O-part of the courses. The terrain is very relevant for the World Cup.

The French team will use Norwegian Spring as part of their preparations, while the Swedish team goes to the Czech Republic to gain experience in the continental terrain.