Swedish Champs - just across the border

Emil Wingstedt“I am taking part in the Swedish Championships 2009” Emil Wingstedt reveals. So far the Swedish rules have only allowed you to run a championship in one country each year. But for coming week-ends general assembly of the Swedish Orienteering Federation there are motions to remove these rules. As the board of the federation also approve of the change they will likely pass. “But things change a little slower in Sweden than in Norway, so it will probably not be possible to run both before next year”, Emil says.

“Next year also suits me fine”, Emil reveals, “the long distance is just across the border from Halden, and very similar to this years Norwegian Spring. This competition will thus be a very good preparation for the Swedish Championships as well.”

Emil himself will not run, though. “I am away on a training camp with the rest of the national team. But even if I was in Halden I would not have taken part. I checked the map and courses two years ago for the event that was cancelled due to too much snow. It is a pity, though, this is an interesting and demanding type of terrain that you rarely find in Sweden. It is only in Norra Bohuslän you can find this type of terrain, but there the orienteering activity is rather low. I can only remember one selection race back in 1990. Off course it would also have been fun to meet a certain French runner on my home ground. The whole French team will take part, so there should be some good measuring rods even if the Swedish national team does not take part”.